Thursday, May 26, 2011

a BabyGeek for BeefyGeek

And of course, in case of the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse a serum sippy cup:


The Anti-Ad
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" There is no price set on the lavish summer,
And June may be had by the poorest comer. "
- James Russell Lowell

May seems to have gotten away from me blog-wise. I can't believe next week begins June.

The sounds and smells of summer make me miss little boys. Being a nanny in the winter is tough, but the summer more than made up for it. I can't believe in ten short weeks I'll have my own little boy to have adventures with.

Of course, he's coming in August and by the time he's old enough to be aware of his world, summer will be long gone. But he'll always be my summer baby.

Its a good thing pregnancy makes me so incredibly tired, otherwise I'd be way too excited to sleep.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

90 days to go!

My fella...

has eyes that are unsealed,

has hearing that is developed to the point where he can probably recognize my voice and Beefygeek's voice. (Which I totally believe, when the hubby walks in and starts talking, my belly starts jumping.)

is starting to get pigment in his hair.

kicks constantly. Like... I feel like he's moving more often than not. Hopefully that means he's got his days and nights in their proper place. And hopefully it stays like that.

He's over two pounds and about 15 inches from head to toe.

He has a 90% chance of survival if he was born this week.

You've come a long way baby!

And me...

I love to eat. All the time.

My abdomen is so tight I don't know how this kid is supposed to out on another 5-6 pounds.

I'm starting to waddle.

My first trimester fatigue has come back, but at least a nap helps now. During those first few months, I felt like I could have hibernated for weeks and would have still been yawning.

I'm so hot. And its not even June... I'm in trouble. I'm always trying to get Beefygeek to take off his hoodie (which he loves to wear everyday) because it makes me uncomfortable just to look at him wearing it.

Still no swelling, but ridiculous leg and foot cramps. My toes go all deformed and I have to stomp around the room.

I have one more exam to take and then I'll be graduated. And officially a full-time homemaker and Mommy.

P.S. Here's fun link to flash mob of pregnant women dancing. lol.

Monday, May 9, 2011


"Yes. it is more Magic."

Friday, May 6, 2011

Not to get all mushy on you but...

I feel like I've fallen in love all over again since I got pregnant.

It might have something to do with all the crazy hormones making me weepy every time he brings me a glass of water.

It might be the knowledge that I have his child living and growing and staging karate tournaments in my womb.

It might be his oh-so-delighted face when he feels said karate tournaments with his hand and can't believe how strong our little two-pounder is.

Or it might just be because my Beefygeek totally rocks the house at taking care of a pregnant woman.

Also the whole talking to my belly thing: way too adorable.

And so my dear, though we're only on #1...I can't wait to have a houseful with you.