Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pregnancy is so weird

It's really the only HUGE event in your life that you have NO CLUE when it will happen. Even pregnancy itself can be planned (to an extent). But babies come when they will. It's weird. Especially in a hyper-planned microwavable culture like ours, I can see why some women push for an induction.

Otherwise its just a waiting game...

Friday, July 22, 2011

This baby better come soon...

because I can't stop buying things. I guess its the partial bed rest version of nesting... less productive and much more expensive than the whole cleaning the apartment over and over again thing.

Friday, July 15, 2011

three weeks and some change

Well hello, blogosphere. Its been a while.

I've been on partial bed rest for like a month at this point and have had 4 rounds of lab work for the preeclampsia-ish symptoms I had. Everything seems to be fine. Blood pressure has stabilized and my blood work has been fine. The 24 hour urine test keep coming back a little borderline. But borderline is not a diagnosis. So... I kinda feel like the bed rest thing has been a waste... but I'm very, very, very thankful that I'm able to rest, and that I'm getting good prenatal care. Undiagnosed preeclampsia can be super dangerous, so I'm trying to have a good attitude.

I'll be 37 weeks on Monday. (full term! woohoo!)

Had my first internal today and the fella is already at -1 station, which explains the INSANE amount of pressure I've been feeling every time I take a step. I'm also about 50% effaced and a smidge dilated. I know this could mean nothing, or it could mean he's coming soon. But its fun to know SOMETHING is happening. I'm so glad he dropped because call me crazy, but eating and breathing are things I enjoy doing.

I'm officially huge and uncomfortable. I've been dreaming about dinosaurs and manatees and I grunt when I have to get up in the morning. I also have had Beefygeek push me over when I want to switch sides in bed because my momentum is seriously lacking these days.

We've met and picked a pediatrician, toured the hospital, written our birth plan, built the crib and have our car-seat. We have our last Bradley class and my baby shower tomorrow! We're almost ready!

I kinda can't believe that in a few short weeks or loonnngggg weeks (time is definitely relative during the third trimester) my little one will be out of my womb and in my arms. So surreal.