Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dearest of Zekes- Two/Three Month

My Fella-fella,

Time has gotten away from me, and I 'm sitting down to write your two month letter when you're almost three. This does not bode well for future letter-on-blog writing.

You have changed so much. You have almost doubled in weight and are now in the 90% percentile for height.

You coo and smile and kick when I come in to get you from your nap. Although the world may not believe that you smile, because you WILL NOT do it for the camera. As soon as you see that gadget, you look at it with a frown that says, "why is your face half covered with that big black thing?"

You are sleeping 7-10 hours straight, only waking up once in the early, early morning to eat. I already know that I will miss that feeding when you give it up. I love to see you nursing contentedly as I rub your fuzzy little head. I love how after I burp you I can feel you turn to dead weight on my shoulder as you drift back to sleep.

You have the most beautiful huge iron grey eyes. They look green when you wear green, blue when you're in blue and brown when you wear red. I love the way they turn into crescent moons when you grin.

You are covered in dimples. Seriously, they're everywhere.

You adore your bath and soak Daddy and me with your kicking and splashing. It one of my favorite times of the day.

You love to look around at your world and are not a big snuggler (which is one of the reasons I'll miss the mid-night feed). When I hold you close you resist, preferring to be held on my knee so you can see my face and whatever is going on around you. You love to be on your Daddy's shoulder however, and will let him hold you for as long as he wants. I don't blame you, I love his shoulder too.

Everyday we think you can't get any cuter and yet, the next day, you do.

Love you oodles of noodles Chunka Chunka.