Wednesday, November 28, 2012


“May God break my heart so completely that the whole world falls in.”
― Mother Teresa

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Living Room Art

Thinking of doing that DIY canvas art that's going around pinterest with this picture from my trip to Colorado.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Zeke's room!

 I finally got to decorate a room for Zeke! But I quickly realized that his room isn't a nursery anymore. It's a little boy's playroom. So it's not quite so dear and sweet, it's more cute, kid-centered, and functional. Here are some pictures of where we are now:

His bookshelves, with bins and baskets of toys interspersed with his books.
His clothesline of pictures (via pinterest of course) which he LOVES.

The second hand rocking chair and the beloved boppy. And his Daddy's bear and old wooden train.

The little blue dresser which was his Daddy's childhood dresser and his Grandpa's before that.

He loves his room and so do I! It's so HIM. And it's wonderful to be able to put his toys away every night and have a nearly toy-free home to be a grown-up in! The only things we bought are  the curtains, the cube baskets for toys under his crib, and someof the toys and books. Everything else was given to us. It makes his room so, so special. The main thing I want to get now for his room is a rug. Maybe one those awesome street and city rugs? Like this one.

Dearest of Zekes- 15 1/2 Months

Well, it's been a while my Lovinest.

You have grown so much. There really isn't very much Baby left. You are a little boy. It makes me sad ang glad at the same time.

We moved and you have your very own room. It is wonderful. We no longer trip on your toys constantly. They are organized in bins on your bookshelves and under your crib. You love being able to find whatever you want to play with all by yourself. You also have a shelf in the kitchen which has a snack and a cup of water on it that you can reach and I love when we come inside from playing and you walk straight into the kitchen for a drink without having to whine for one. It seems so old for some reason.

You are finally trying to talk and sign. You say Dada and Bug and Ball! You also call dogs "Ba." That was your first word if we can count it. You occasionally say Mama but can't really use it consistently yet. You use the sign for more whenever you want something repeated or if you want something to eat or just if you want more. When you want to nurse, you follow me all around the apartment, dragging the boppy behind you. It is so adorable. You also do a lot of animal noises: bear, elephant, bunny, monkey, lion, squirrel.

You no longer waddle. You tramp around as if you own the world, confident and sure-footed. We sometimes cringe when you race around corners and it looks like your going to walk right into a wall, but you somehow make it. You can climb up the stairs and go down the slide at our little tot-lot all by your self and are so proud when you do it. The playground is right outside our apartment and you would live out there if Mama let you.

You still love to read. Your favorite books now are Dear Zoo and My Big Animal Book and anything with flaps. You are also now obsessed with bugs (especially lady bugs), trains, the "Lonely Goatherd" song on The Sound of Music, and clocks. Yes, clocks. I don't know why, but you get SO EXCITED when you spot one.

You of course still love balls and learned to kick a soccer ball, to your Aunties' delight and you are developing a pretty good throwing arm. I find myself ducking when we play catch.

You have become SO much more sociable in the last month or so and we can leave you with both Grandma and Lola with no crying at all. If we are with you, you will also go up to other people and play with them. You wave and smile at strangers instead of frowning. It's so much more fun for everyone.

Your sense of humor and fun is developing beautifully and we love to hear your laugh! Your favorite game is hide and seek with Daddy. He hides and then jumps out and chases you and you run shrieking with laughter into my arms for "protection." You get into EVERYTHING and I'm constantly finding new piles of random stuff that you have scattered about the floor.

Keep growing and learning and we'll try to keep up!