Thursday, February 16, 2012

let not

Stand in the Rain by Alyssa L. Miller
Stand in the Rain, a photo by Alyssa L. Miller on Flickr.

Then let not winter's ragged hand deface
In thee thy summer...

sonnet VI

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Look how you've grown!-6 months

Dear Chunka chunk,

Six months! You are practically a grown up!

You have two teeth on the bottom, and I no longer call you "Little Foot," I call you "Chomper." Whatever is in reaching distance will be in your mouth and covered in little tooth marks. You can nearly draw blood, so we watch our fingers closely.

You are really starting to love your solids. Especially sweet potatoes. There is no doubt about it; they are by far your favorite food. You lean forward and start chewing before the spoon is even in your mouth.

You are SO LOUD all of a sudden. Screaming and squawking for no reason at all. And you no longer quietly grunt in the middle of the night to get me up. You flip around in your crib to face me and yell as loud as you can right in my face. Oy. You gotta get your own room kid.

You love to sit up and roll. You roll over and over to get whatever you want. I left the room to brush my teeth this morning and when I came back you had rolled a full three feet to get my cellphone. And you were chomping away.

You have a will of your own and have started to throw temper tantrums. That's right, temper tantrums. At 6 months old! What! If I take something away from you, you scream and kick and frown and glare at me. I've never seen anything like it in such a small child. I have a feeling we're in for it with you.

But you make up for it with the laughing. Oh the laughing! It is the sweetest thing ever. Such a little goofy, squeaky chuckle!

You love your Daddy so so much. If he walks by when you're in your exersaucer, you throw your hands in the air to be picked up. And you always have a big grin for him when he walks in the door from work.

You are still not a cuddler. *sniff* I don't even get to have you snuggle against me in the middle of the night anymore because as soon as you finish eating, you shoot up, straight as a ram rod and look around with those huge, all seeing eyes that everyone loves so much. Even when you are collapsing with sleepiness you want to know EVERYTHING that's happening.

You are our little introvert, quiet and alert and easily overwhelmed in crowds. When we get home from church on Sundays, we can see the joy in your face when we lay you down on your blanket in your nice peaceful house. You squeak and coo away as we go about our lives, very content to lay on the floor in between us while I read and your Daddy works. As long as we're close by, you're happy to roll around and play with your toys.

This is a picture of you at your 2 month check-up next to a picture of you at your 6 month check-up. Such a big boy!

You are half a year old! How did that happen?

And where was I?

You bring us so much joy. Its impossible to describe. We love you oodles fella fella!

Love your favorite chew toy,

Tuesday, February 14, 2012