Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A little organization inspired by YHL

My home is generally neat and reasonably clean. But honestly, if a door can shut, I tend to let what's behind the door get out of hand. I need what I see to be pretty but don't care so much about what I can't see. Especially with a sick baby (first ear infection :-( )

 Over on Young House Love there  an organization challenge. Since my dear husband was the victim of several avalanches over the week end I decided to participate. Organization without buying anything (no bins, baskets or buckets!) Some embarrassing before and afters:

Freezer Before:

 Fridge before:                                                                   After:


Pots and pans before:                                                            After:

Tupperware etc. before:                                                        After:

So yeah, keeping it real. It only took a max of twenty minutes and has already made my life so much easier, not to mention more pleasant. Will I maintain it? Probably not. Keeping it real.

Gratuitous Chunka shot: