Monday, December 14, 2009

Two Paychecks

OK, so. For the first two years of our marriage Jon was in school. And I could not wait for him to finish. Mostly for selfish reasons. I didn't want to be the sole bread winner anymore. I wanted to be able to cut my hours, finish school, have babies!

However, now that he is done and working. There are whole new problems arising that I, in naivety, did not anticipate. For instance, if I drive off to take care of baby Lana and forget to soak the beans. There is no one here "studying" who can soak them for me. Logical conclusion of the matter: no chili for dinner.

And as for the whole cutting back my hours thing? Not happening. You have a couple of giant car repairs and you realize two good size paychecks might be nice for a while. On top of that, full time work is pretty impossible to find these days.

But... there are good things. Beefygeek feels a lot better now that he has a job that he loves. A job that pays, no longer an extended unpaid, uncredited internship. Its so good to see him excited about what he's doing. I never realized just how much not working was weighing him down. Another big plus, education no longer takes up 65% of our budget pie chart.

Another big change came when my Nannying family that I've been with for the past two years had to cut my hours in July. (Due to unemployment) So... I had to find more kids to follow around.

And I did. The most prominent of which is the before mentioned baby Lana. She's 7 months. She's chubby and dimply and almond-eyed, and altogether munch-able! I tell ya, she's so adorable I have fleeting notions of "borrowing her," not that I ever would of course. I wouldn't be able to feed her, in my milk-less state. But still. She THAT cute.

It makes me seriously consider skipping the whole "finishing school" thing and jumping right to the "babies!" Because really, I'll always have a brain. But this whole childbearing age thing doesn't last forever. I know. I'm only 22. But that means if I get pregnant now, I'll have the baby at 23, which is pretty close to 30, which is only ten years til 30, which is awful close to 50, when my womb may just dry up!

Irrational, I know. But come on, I'm practicing for the pregnancy. ;-)

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