Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A deep thought from... Dr. Horrible?

If you haven't yet watched Dr. Horrible's sing-a-long blog i recommend it. If you like ridiculously silly online musicals about mad scientists, that is. Which I do.

This is one of the prettiest songs.

Here are the lyrics:

Here’s a story of a girl
Who grew up lost and lonely
Thinkin’ love was fairy tales
And trouble was made only
For me

Even in the darkness
Every color can be found
And every day of rain brings
Water flowing to things growing in the ground

Grief replaced with pity
For a city barely copin’
Dreams are easy to achieve
If hope is all I’m hopin’
to be

Anytime you’re hurt there’s one who
has it worse around
And every drop of rain will keep you
growing seeds you’re sowing in the ground

So keep your head up, Billy buddy…

I love the line that I bolded. Its so sweetly true. If you make it your ambition to bring hope to the hopeless your dream can come true. Especially if you know the gospel which "sets the prisoners free"!

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