Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Drum roll please... and some seltzer.

Writing a post to publish after the big reveal...

I'm pregnant!

And oh my gosh. So sick.

Luckily, I haven't actually been throwing up but man... uhhhhh..

I never knew you could be so starving and so nauseous at the same time.

I guess I thought I'd be more excited, but honestly, I'm just so exhausted I don't even feel very much of anything. I usually can't nap. But I've been napping for like three hours in the afternoon and then sleeping a full eight plus at night. And still soooooo tired.

Definitely not experiencing the wonder of the miracle of life. More like the wonder of the tragedy of morning sickness. Its definitely the longest I've ever felt sick. I've led a sheltered healthy life apparently.

I keep asking Beefygeek "Are you sure I'm pregnant? I don't just have the flu?"

When I look down at my belly button and think... somewhere in there is a tiny little sesame seed sized body... and in the tiny sesame seed sized body is an eternal soul... I just think...

"How the heck is something so tiny making me SO SICK!!???"

Deep. So Deep. I know.

But seriously. Can I really be having a baby? Me? Wow.

wonderful. delightful. un-freaking-believable. :)

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