Friday, January 14, 2011

weirdest craving

It's official. I am obsessed with food. I dream about it almost every night. I catch myself daydreaming about it. I cannot think about anything without it eventually coming back to food. When I'm hungry I feel so desperate. Like "If I do not eat NOW! The baby and I are DOOMED!" lol.

I have, more than once cried when seeing my beloved BeefyGeek eat because... I thought he was going to eat it all and there would be none left for me! I've never been so possessive of my food! I was even tempting to hide some of it, so that "no one would eat it". Makes me feel like a really selfish creeper. lol

My cravings haven't been that weird yet though.

hot and sour soup.
cranberry juice.
ham and cheese bagel.
cream cheese bagel.
At first, chicken sandwiches. But now: BEEF. Not chicken, not pork. Just beef.
Chic-Fil-A (but really that's a lifelong thing lol)
pizza with LOTS of black olives.
salad with olives.
olives straight up.
lots of olives.

My weirdest one so far may have been egg salad. I've NEVER eaten egg salad. I tried a bite of it once in my life. And all of a sudden, I could think of nothing else. lol

But I read on this one website.
Here's one: "I was eating watermelon that I dipped into a glass of chocolate milk!" lol
or "sour cream with tons of salt on top".
And this woman
get this,
IN HER SPAGHETTI! ahahahahha

I have hated to think about: anything desert-ish (which is probably a good thing). And fresh fruits and vegetables sound and taste good, but keep making me hurl. :-( I keep eating them, but it feels like such a waste,since I can hardly ever keep them down.

I've been feeling best in the morning (not that I ever feel great) and sickest at night. I can pretty much eat until 5 and then not after that. I've been throwing up almost every night right before I go to sleep and Dr. Mom thinks I may have not just morning sickness, but acid reflux too.

In all of this, let me just say that I have the sweetest, tenderest, lovingest, most understanding husband in the world, who seems expressly made to deal with a hungry, tearful, overwhelmed wife! God bless him and all men who try so hard to understand the un-understandable mysteries of the pregnant woman!

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