Wednesday, March 9, 2011

wherein i make a tough decision.

You know what sucks about being pregnant? When you get sick you cannot willy-nilly chug three varieties of NyQuil and sleep for hours upon end until the little sucker is nipped in the bud.

You cannot have NyQuil at all. And the drugs you can have, in the doses you can have them: do. not. work.

Also, you cannot sleep for hours upon end because you have a bladder the size of a marble and you have to eat every 30 minutes or you feel like you will die and then your baby will hate you. In that order.

So I took the one pill allowed to me and I lay awake having slept for the 30 minute nap allotted to me trying to decide if i would rather die of starvation or get out of the nice warm bed and into the shivering wilderness that is the rest of my little apartment.

And then I had to pee. Again.

SO I had a decision to make. Die of starvation in a puddle of my own urine, or haul my butt out of bed.

It was a tough call. But this chili is good.

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Mom at Work said...

lol... very amusing. Not that this will help, but I totally understand! I'll pray you get better soon. Have a good day!