Monday, June 27, 2011

Six weeeks to go and...

I've officially got my first complication: high blood pressure and some borderline lab work for preeclampsia. (Everything within normal range, but towards the extreme edges of normal... kinda like me.)

So I'm on partial/modified bed rest. Which basically means, whatever you don't have to do... don't. Including all the wonderful exercise I posted about in my last "I love pregnancy and I feel so great post..." jinx much?

Its gonna be rough for me, especially as I've been moving into nesting, but its going to rougher on BeefyGeek, since he's going to have to keep me in line/listen to the lists of things I wish I could be doing.

Here's to lower numbers where lower numbers are needed and higher numbers where higher numbers are needed!

My main concern is keeping myself normal enough that the docs don't feel its necessary to induce me early (which is what would happen if i had an extreme case of pre-e.) I wanna let my little guy cook for as long as he needs to cook!

As rough as these few weeks have been on my emotions, its been a really wonderful time for my spirit. Its getting me back again to a place of dependence and submission, where I say, "Whate'er my God ordains is right."

So thankful that I have the promises of God as an anchor for the soul, no matter what happens.

Wanna see approximately how big the little guy would be if he was born this week? Here's a video of 34 week preemie. He's already so... finished. It's amazing to think there's an actual BABY inside of me.

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