Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A little organization inspired by YHL

My home is generally neat and reasonably clean. But honestly, if a door can shut, I tend to let what's behind the door get out of hand. I need what I see to be pretty but don't care so much about what I can't see. Especially with a sick baby (first ear infection :-( )

 Over on Young House Love there  an organization challenge. Since my dear husband was the victim of several avalanches over the week end I decided to participate. Organization without buying anything (no bins, baskets or buckets!) Some embarrassing before and afters:

Freezer Before:

 Fridge before:                                                                   After:


Pots and pans before:                                                            After:

Tupperware etc. before:                                                        After:

So yeah, keeping it real. It only took a max of twenty minutes and has already made my life so much easier, not to mention more pleasant. Will I maintain it? Probably not. Keeping it real.

Gratuitous Chunka shot:


A. Gonzalez said...

hehe. keeping it organized is a great thing... BUT takes sometime to do it. try to maintain it.. I try to weekly go through my fridge an get rid of the old food or things that we're not eating (to throw it out with the trash.. so the house doesn't stink & just to get it cleaned up)

good luck in keeping it tidy! also the before & afters are awesome! :)

amybeth said...

Thanks Arielle. I do clean the fridge out so it doesn't get gross. I hate sticky stuff on the bottom. yuck. But we tend to kinda just shove the food in there any old way. Especially with a zillion little baby food containers.

Heather said...

Love your idea of using baskets in cabinets for storage! I have a ton of extra baskets, so that would be great for me. :-)

amybeth said...

Thanks Heather. Yeah I've been trying to organize without buying anything, so it means some kinda unconventional uses of things I have lying around. :-)