Friday, July 6, 2012

Dearest of Zekes-11 Months

I'm only one day late this time Booger!

This month has flown by and you have made HUGE strides in development.

You now point. At everything. You are obviously trying to learn the names of everything you see.

You also point specifically at things that you want. Food, your sippy cup, the boppy when you want to nurse, my phone, toys... It is wonderful to be able to know what you want. Although you often point at things that you CAN'T have, which understandably frustrates you. It's like you think that I don't understand. But I do understand you. I just can't let you hold the butcher knife. lol

You are also trying to speak. You are copying sounds that we make and are trying to explain you self in nonsense syllables. It is so precious. You're favorite sound is "B.."

You eat even more foods now! It is so much fun to see you discover pancakes, mac&cheese, blueberries, baby bananas, Chipotle, cherries, mashed potatoes, and sloppy joes! Eating must be such an adventure for you! You never know what will turn up on your tray.

You are standing for fairly long stretches, but as soon as you realize what you're doing you sit down. My cautious little man.

You got your first real haircut and it makes you look so much older.

The next time I write you a letter you will be one year old. Oh my baby! I love to see you grow but a little bit of me hurts because of it. But as wise lady once wrote, "You silly humans want good things to last forever. They don't. Not while we're in time." -L'engle. Good thing we're not bound to time forever.


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