Thursday, November 15, 2012

Zeke's room!

 I finally got to decorate a room for Zeke! But I quickly realized that his room isn't a nursery anymore. It's a little boy's playroom. So it's not quite so dear and sweet, it's more cute, kid-centered, and functional. Here are some pictures of where we are now:

His bookshelves, with bins and baskets of toys interspersed with his books.
His clothesline of pictures (via pinterest of course) which he LOVES.

The second hand rocking chair and the beloved boppy. And his Daddy's bear and old wooden train.

The little blue dresser which was his Daddy's childhood dresser and his Grandpa's before that.

He loves his room and so do I! It's so HIM. And it's wonderful to be able to put his toys away every night and have a nearly toy-free home to be a grown-up in! The only things we bought are  the curtains, the cube baskets for toys under his crib, and someof the toys and books. Everything else was given to us. It makes his room so, so special. The main thing I want to get now for his room is a rug. Maybe one those awesome street and city rugs? Like this one.

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