Wednesday, November 4, 2009

favorite things

So... for those of you who don't know me personally, (You like how I write this like there's actually someone reading?) I'm a bit of an obsessive kinda gal. Not stressed or anal, just temporarily very, very enthusiastic. New books are usually finished within a day or two, new movies watched over again immediately, new discoveries raved about until all my acquaintances are so sick of hearing about it that they wouldn't like it even if they DID listen to me and experience the awesomeness.

Here are the latest things that I love.

-this blog/HTML... yep, that's right, I'm learning code. So that I can widen my margins. Its crazy. There are some brilliant people out there. Who comes up with this stuff?

-Locally grown apples. Particularly "Gingergold" yum.

-Etsy... already posted about this. Its so, so much fun... just to peruse and dream and plot gifts that I'll never be able to afford. And most importantly, to figure out cheap ways to replicate the more expensive things.

-Worst Week. A show that only got one season, but that one season is on Netflix Watch it Now... and it is HILARIOUS. Seriously... gut wrenching... side splitting... ridiculous weeping funny. Also the new NBC show Community, Soooooo good. May steal 30 Rock's thunder. (30 Rock's new season sucks...)

-Walking. This has been going on since like february or so. I've been walking everyday, listening to books on tape, through the beautiful Roland Park Neighborhood. I feel SO good. Seriously. I used to be a adament anti-exerciser. But I love it. Its beautiful, and it makes me feel so CS Lewis-y.

-Along the same lines...crispy leaves. How amazing are they?!

-Food Blogs. They are sooooo much fun. I feel so inspired and delighted to be alive and enjoying simple things like... lunch.

- Borderlands. I get to snipe. And yell things like "Take that, Pyscho Fire Midget!" Pretty sweet.

-Tebow. A college Quarterback who's AMAZING. Almost as good at running as he is at passing. And a Christian. Can't wait to see what happens with the draft.

-MacClaren strollers. Baby Lana has one and it's like a dream come true. So easy to use and push... and Lana hasn't told me this but it looks Darn comfy.

So... there's a few of my favorite things... and now I'm pretending to be Julie Andrews, luckily Jon's not home to be tormented.

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