Friday, February 4, 2011

Worst things, best things

About a month ago I would have said that the worst thing about pregnancy was, of course, the nausea. But apparently, I'm one of the women who feels miraculously better as soon as that magically twelve week mark rolls around, for which I'm, oh so thankful!

So the current worst things about pregnancy are:

-not taking my allergy medicine. (I'm technically allowed, but I'm waiting as long as I can to take anything... call it first time pregnancy jitters.) Everyone thinks I'm dying and I think they are tired of "blessing" me.

-the DOCTORS visits. Blah. Although, I loved my midwife's office, I mostly hate to spend the money. But I'm doing it, because to quote the southern midwife "[I'm] growin' a blue ribbon baby!"

-the various weird, obscure symptoms that I'm not going to share with the internet.

-the constant hunger. I just wanna be full already. lol.

And the best: (there are so many bests!)

-the growing bump. Its oodles of fascinating.

-the ultrasound. We saw so much movement and little legs and little fingers! Fingers! My baby has fingers! Little tiny perfect fingers! Un-freaking believable.

-the sleep. Unless you're a long time insomniac, you cannot imagine the joy that it is to sleep and sleep and sleep, for twelve, thirteen hours. It is like... I don't quite know what it is like.

-all of the lovely lovable children's songs that come back to me everyday, and the knowledge that soon and very soon, I'll get to sing them to a cuddly, velvety, sweet-smelling little one.

-the renewed vigor in my spiritual life. Its so much easier to be diligent in my personal study and prayer and worship knowing that what goes in me is being experienced, on some level, by a brand new soul.

-the church's love. My friends and family have been overwhelming.

-my husband. He's always one of the best things. So sweet and tender and loving when I'm sick. So sweet and joyful and excited when I'm well. He's already in love with this baby and I cannot wait to see him when he first lays eyes on his child. It is almost more exciting than the thought of seeing the baby myself. Almost.


Susannah said...

yes! pregnant blog number 1!
So glad you're feeling better. You looked fabulous and skinny at church last week. Enjoy it all and eat like a queen.
Keep posting!

amybeth said...

There's more in January :-) I wrote them and then just finally posted them.

I'm glad I got to see you even if it was only for a second!

Mike & Emily said...

So excited for you, Amy! Glad you are feeling better. :) Looking forward to following you on this new adventure!