Monday, February 21, 2011

Lately, baby

Had my first craving that involved something I don't usually eat: pigs in a blanket. Saturday, I was overcome by a need for a hot dog wrapped in a crescent roll. So I made them (after shopping for the ingredients.) Incredible. So delicious.

A couple other things the flutterbudget loves:
-Ketchup! Mounds of it.
-French Toast! I wake up thinking about it.
-Italian Dressing! Especially on a salad that contains the aforementioned olives!
-Sleeping! (or at least, my pregnant body does) I end up feeling pretty miserable if I'm unable to nap. Jon swears I fell asleep in church yesterday. I contend that I was just resting my eyes. He says he heard snoring. I contend that the aforementioned allergies make me snore when I'm awake.

The best thing that's happening this week (16) with the little one: ears have developed enough to hear us talk!

Only one month til we find out if we have a little miss or a little mister!

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