Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the gift children give us.

Slow days. They can get old, but I'll sure miss them when they're gone.

I don't wanna go slow
I go fast
I'm a rabbit
I hop and I jump and I dash
And I'll go whizzing by in the blink of an eye
Just like jet engine airplane
That speeds through the sky
I don't wanna go slow I go fast

You don't want to go slow
You go fast
and you may find you're missing the world you go past
crickets singing their sound
golden leaves on the ground
you might find something new
that you wouldn't have found
if you never went slow
only fast

So won't you slow down
and wait for me
take it slow, take it slow, take it slow
c'mon slow down
we can share all the new things we see
when we're slow,
here, we go
together we're slow

and afterwards we can go fast.

-Laurie Berkner

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