Monday, January 9, 2012


Watch this.

All he do is win, win, win no matter what
Got Jesus on his mind, he can never get enough
And every time he step up in the buildin, everybody rush yards go up
And they stay there, and they stay there, and they stay there
Tebow, Tebow, Tebow
'Cause all he do is win, win, win
And if you wanna run the option, cross your arms, make 'em stay there
Verse 1
Tebow runnin over linebackers 'cause he never been defeated and he won't stop now
Put a hand to your forehead, close both your eyes, say a prayer, take a knee and drop down
Never commit no crimes, never break one Commandment
But he still murder your defense, got your coordinators in panic
Haters can't stand it, stiff arm your D end just to buy time
Run in the winnin touchdown, and then Tebow on your sideline
Knife through your D like a surgeon, penetrate the goal line but he still a virgin
Forget about the extra point, you know he comin for the two point conversion
He gonna run it in, but never rub it in
Practice that sportsmanship, no matter what place he comin in
But we all know when it's said and done what place he gon be standin in
'Cause all he do, all he all he all he all he do is win
Verse 2
Chillin in the shotgun, soarin all around Mile High like he Top Gun
Throw a couple touchdowns then he run the triple option
He ain't pro choice, at best he just pro adoption, ain't you read the Bible boi?
Haters say he can't throw, sleep on him and he'll draw first blood like he Rambo
Who gon try and stop him now, they chase him like he liquor
Think they fast, but they find out that he quicker
Break your ankles like he A.I. on the Sixers
Try and beat him, but he gon come out the victor, why? (all he do is win)
Throw a challenge his way, bet he goin to fight
Gave the offense to him, Kyle Orton wasn't throwin it right
Verse 3
Five minutes left, game on the line
Ain't no need to check your watch, boy you know it's Tebow time
Time to steal the game from these lames, call that Debo time
If you ain't on his bandwagon you late, call that Tivo time
He ballin wit the best of 'em, harder than the rest of 'em
Hassle him, shackle him, you ain't gonna tackle him
He run over your cornerback and fist pump in your endzone
Girls don't even waste your time you'll end up in the friend zone
'Cause he ain't got time for you, he live by family, God, and football
Been that way, since the day, that he stood a foot tall
These safeties tryna catch 'em, outta breath they need a respirator
Some take the stairway to heaven, Tebow gon ride the escalator


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