Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dearest of Zekes- 7-8 Months

To my Boog-a-boo,

Month 6 to 7 was a rough one for us. You wanted to crawl but couldn't. Had teeth coming in and they were obviously killing you. You decided you needed to eat more during the night than the day. And you were having digestive problems. (I will not write bout your poop, I promise. After all, I want you to read these someday. Although I guess as a little boy you would love to read about your poop. But maybe you wouldn't like me posting about it on the internet when you're a teenager.) Anyways...

We did night sleep training, and adjusted your diet, and waited out the teeth, and practiced the crawling. All of which were very hard and filled with lots of screeching. Which looks like this:

We still had fun, but Mommy was very, very tired.

And now, some weeks later at 8 and a half months. You are a delight.

You wiggle and drag yourself all over the place and grin with those two hard-won teeth. You sleep 12 hours straight.

You've lost your squeaky toy laugh and it has been replaced with a full on giggle. Utterly adorable and infectious.

You graduated from your baby bath and now kick and swish around the great big tub to your heart's content.

You had your very first Easter and looked so handsome and grown up in your suit. But i don't think you liked it very much. You had this face on pretty much the whole time:

You prefer your pajamas. Can't say I blame you:

Your daddy is still your favorite toy and I love that as soon as he walks in the door you army crawl over to him as fast as you can. (Which isn't very fast.)

We love you more and more everyday. It's the most amazing thing to see you grow and change and learn. It's all going by so fast.

Thanks for sticking with me through those rough weeks and for getting over the screech all day stage rather quickly!

Love you chunkachunkachooba!


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