Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Only you (Dearest of Zekes)

Chooba Choob-

I've realized that the things Ive been writing about you have been a little generic. Milestones, how you sleep etc. But I haven't really recorded the things that make you uniquely you. I've been lazy. So here goes:

-You love your fuzzy blue blanket. You used to sleep with it pulled up over your face. It was scary, but hilarious. Now you suck on the corners so that they are always crusty. Cute but gross.
-You are obsessed with: pictures of babies (especially yourself), cell phones, remotes, keys, cords, water bottles, trash cans, paper, books and guitars.
-You love pulling books down off of shelves. You bite chunks out of my books. Like, THE COVERS. I have to watch them and you constantly. If you get a bite out of one of them, you fight tooth and nail to keep it in your mouth. Apparently paper is delicious.
-You love the tub faucet and knobs. You like to stand up and grab them.
-You are VERY, VERY stubborn.
-You are usually shy, but occasionally will surprise me by smiling and talking to a stranger. It makes me think they must be good people.
-Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See and Baby Faces are your favorite books. We read them multiple times a day.
-You have a little monkey blanket in your crib and you use it for a pillow.
-You love all kinds of music and will occasionally sing along. On key. Obviously you take after your Dada.
-You smack everything, to hear the sound.
-You will not nurse unless there is complete silence. If you hear anything (even just the turning of a page), you swing you're head around to see what is going on.
-Your eyebrows are always raised when we are out in public. People think you are scared, shocked, surprised, but really you are just super curious and as your Dada says, "alert to your surroundings, like a ninja."
-You are very beefy. Not chubby anymore, and not skinny, but really, really SOLID. You can even see your back muscles. 
-Your hair is thick and soft and straight and redish golden brown. You have two cowlicks. One right in the front. Your hair parts to the side naturally, like a little gentleman.
-You love to crawl on our bed in your diaper.
-You kick like crazy when laid on your back. Your feet go so fast.
-You frequently crawl over to me and climb up my legs for a quick hug and then shove me away again so you can take off crawling.
-You lock your jaw when you babble. Not sure if this is just a quirk or if its something we should have a dentist look at. You seem to like it though.
-You make the most hilarious noises. I can't even write them down but I hope I never forget them.

I love you in all your weirdness.

Millions of kisses and hugs Booger.


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