Monday, June 18, 2012

Dearest of Zekes- nine-ten months

My not so little one,

You are ten months old. That's right! Double digit months.

You have changed so much the last two months. You are so much nicer to be around now! The screeching and screaming have pretty much stopped and you are much better at communicating what you want.

You are still a facebook celebrity with your "epic baby faces." We talk about making a blog just called "Zeke Memes," because you are a goldmine of priceless expressions.

You climb to your chair when you want to eat and know where all of your toys are when you want them.

You can roll a ball back and forth.

You can bring me things when I ask for them.

You're crib is at it's lowest.

You are pretty much done with baby food, which I'm very happy about. It's so much easier to give you what we're eating. Your current favorites: watermelon, rice cakes, egg yolks, and PEAS! All the peas in the world. Daddy even wrote a song about you called "Pea Boy."

You giggle at the strangest things. I wish I could see inside your head so I could be in on the joke.

Add tissues to the list of things you are obsessed with. Especially used tissues. Ew.

You are a bringer of MAYHEM. You are not happy until anything that can be pulled to pieces is IN PIECES. (The humidifier, your stacking cups, all the bookshelves...)

You sit and look at your books often. You turn the pages all by yourself and my heart swells with pride.

You are VERY cautious and have only just stopped freaking out if we attempt the baby swing. You get all stiff and make a "zombie face" (Daddy's term) when you are scared of something.

You love our apartment building's hallway and yell at the top of your lungs to hear your echo as soon as we enter the building or open our door. You always want to use the door knocker several times coming and going.

You love music and sing and play with Daddy. You love the keyboard, guitar, and your maracas. You particularly like listening and dancing to electronica. Its hilarious.

You cruise all over the place and can stand alone for a few moments before slowly lowering yourself to the ground. You love when we hold your hands and let you walk. You grin from ear to ear. (Seriously, you have such a jack-o-lantern grin. Especially with your newly acquired top teeth.)

Your hair is CRAZY. But I don't want to tidy it up. It suits you my Ezekiel, my little prophet in the wilderness. Thoughtful and introverted and a little nuts.

I try to be more specific than this, but I have to say that this is is simply an ADORABLE age. Your pictures are cute but they don't do you justice. You are just SO CUTE.

Mama was very, very sick last week and you were oh-so sweet and well behaved for me. You played quietly with your toys and let me lay on the floor next to you, occasionally coming over and giving me one of your yell-in-my-cheek kisses. It was like you knew that I needed to rest.

Seeing you grow so big is bittersweet. I miss my baby, but I'm falling in love with my toddler.

I love every inch of you, and can't get enough.



A. Gonzalez said...

Oh my goodness Amy, I love reading these! You really do love being a mommy, and I love seeing moms who truly enjoy parenting! I hope I can be a great mom like you one day! :) Thanks for showing others how great being a parent is!

amybeth said...

Aw Thanks Arielle :-)