Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Home Again...Jiggety Jig

Another sick day. This is a record. I went a whole year without a sick day. But now I'm making up for it. BeefyGeek is working hard and now I feel like I can take a day or two without breaking the bank. And I LOVE it. :-)

Speaking of home... My latest inspirations for ours: (mostly from this book.)

-Distressed medium tone wood: (I wanna make it from cheap wood, not buy a pre-beat up table for hundreds of dollars.)

-Dark hard wood floors paired with light walls:

-floor to ceiling white linen curtains: (just noticed the above picture has them too.)

-decorating with branches

-Dormer windows

-Blue/grey, blue/green, grey/green

-wire. this kinda hard to describe/find a picture of. I like the idea of dull gray wire combined with the rest of my bright, feminine taste. Here's the closest I could find:

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