Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sweet Potato Fries


Beefygeek and I are both professed sweet potato haters. BUT. I've read about how crazy healthy they are for you and so I tried making baked sweet potato fries today and. OHMYGOODNESS.

Here's the recipe I based mine on. (I really like this blog by the way... my blog roll is getting way too long.) I didn't use coriander and I added cayenne pepper, paprika, and garlic powder. Ohmygoodness. Kosher salt. Just discovered it. ohmygoodness.

I think sweet potatoes just made it onto my weekly produce grocery list.

So first cabbage, now sweet potatoes... I'm thinking about exploring leeks or turnips next. I really wanna try artichokes... but that would defeat the tightwad-y element of my cooking experiments. Maybe for a birthday.

Speaking of special occasions, its Valentine's Day, so I'm gonna go be with my Beefygeek. I just had to share my latest food love.


Jon said...

Debi and I have come to really enjoy sweet potatoes. What's the deal with Kosher salt?

Happy V Day!

amybeth said...

Thanks J! Kosher salt is big crystals, without additives (like iodide) it's not quite as salty as table salt. Foodie's say it has a purer flavor... or something. but anyway, I bought it and have love it... partly just 'cause it looks so good. All white and crystal-y and then it disappears.
I bought it for a particular recipe and have a ton of it, so I've been looking for recipes that call for it. Thanks for the comment. It always makes my day. :-)

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

this might as well have been my EXACT SAME confession, oh say, 5 years ago. (and not only was i a sweet potato hater i was a fry hater, too. i know, right?)

it'll change your life, those sweet potater fries.