Saturday, January 16, 2010

Good food rules

Check this out, I like this guy's simple take on healthy food. I really like the answer that he gives about "not being able to afford it." EXCEPT... you can get organic dried beans for 2 dollars a pound, he says. But you can get regular for 70 cents a pound, if you don't don't have an allergy to pesticides, you should be good.

Here are some good ones:
-"Don't buy food where you buy your gasoline. In the U.S., 20% of food is eaten in the car."
-"Don't eat breakfast cereals that change the color of the milk."
-"Don't eat anything your great grandmother wouldn't recognize as food."
-"Don't eat anything with more than five ingredients, or ingredients you can't pronounce."
-"Don't eat anything that won't eventually rot...There are exceptions --- honey --- but as a rule, things like Twinkies that never go bad aren't food."

I hope you have been finding my hyperlinks... I don't think they get underlined. Okay, never mind, I just changed their color. Shoulda done that a long time ago....

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Suze said...

Hey girl!
'Diggin your blog, as always.
I liked this list, especially the one about not eating anything my great-grandmother wouldn't recognize.
I will be attempting to recreate some amazing chicken curry soup I had at a student's house the other night. If I am successful, not only will I be completed bloated with pride but I'll be passing along the recipe to you. when I had it last night with my student and her mom it was AMAZING. If I hadn't been with polite company, I would have just kept eating until my esophagus (SPELLCHECK) was engorged. It was that good.