Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lately I love...

-Rediscovering music. Such as...

Google them and listen for free on La La (another one of my new favorite things). I can't even recommend one in particular. Just listen to them all. All 3000. Its a string quartet (obviously) that does covers of pop music. You really here the music behind all the marketing. Sigh... delightful.

-Violins in general.

- Alicia Key's doing Jay Z's Empire State of Mind


I recently told Beefygeek that I would cut off my left hand in exchange for a voice like Alicia Keys but not my right. After being haunted by that song, righty doesn't stand a chance.

-On a less musical note,

How amazing are avocados? Today I had half of one on flat bread with hummus. Un-freaking-believable.

-Relating to the resolutions posted here

This helps a lot with the whole read through the bible in a year thing. They divide it up so you read a section of the old testament, a section of the new testament, part of psalm and part of a proverb. It helps to vary the reading a bit when you get to, oh say... Numbers.

-Another thing that I'm enjoying is walking with weights. Little 5 pound weights. I look RIDICULOUS doing my exercises in all of my layers of clothing. But I feel so good. So who cares if I "end up on YouTube" (Beefygeek) I predict the title to be "The bag lady of Roland Park, exercising" Nice.

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