Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sleep and Ceramics

So I'm reading a book about sleep (to try to get to sleep one of these days...) and one of the things that I just read is that if you are severely sleep deprived, (as I was for a good chunk of my childhood) you can actually slip into "micro-sleeps" throughout the day. That's right. The old "so-tired-i-could-fall-asleep-standing-up" thing is possible. And these "micro-sleeps" can result in slips. falls. accidents. such as dropping a bag of steaks in such a way that they come out of the grocery store package and go rolling down a dusty hill. Okay, so I added that last one in myself.

BUT this means that perhaps my long, hilarious-to-others-but-not-always-to-me history of clumsiness may actually be just another result of chronic insomnia. Therefore, it may eventually be cured.* Therefore, I may one day be able to own beautiful but breakable things. Therefore, a post of all the lovely ceramic things I will buy when done with sleep boot camp.

Dishes so beautiful, you would want to wash them, so they'd be lovely again.

Milk bottles. :)

A strand of incredibly thin ceramic leaves. Wow.

Ceramic Snowflakes. Two of the most delicate things on earth. Insomnia Amy would make short work of them. (BTW, the name of the shop is peppersprouts. how cute is that?)

And little ceramic birds. So sweet.

*no, I don't really believe this, but a girl can dream can't she?

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