Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just thinking.

Is spanking a child really worse for the kid then screaming at them?

Was looking through the comments on Dooce's latest about "worst parenting moments," and reading some of them I kept thinking... if those kids had been calmly given a smack on the butt after one warning, they would have listened up and the parents wouldn't have been frustrated to the point of screeching.

Now, I'm sure I'll have my screaming moments but it does seem like a lot of non-spankers end up make it their only discipline tool. I've seen it.

That kinda makes me sad.

I only remember one time (out of lots) that I got spanked and felt hurt by it. But the times I got yelled at, I remember. And some of them still hurt.

There are definitely wrong ways to spank too, of course. But I was just thinking.


Monica said...

Exactly. If spanking is to be considered physical abuse, than yelling is certainly emotional abuse. Why don't we just let our kids do whatever they want? Surely they know best? Oh wait...

So glad to meet a mom with some common sense. I have HAD IT with modern mothering. I'm not suggesting we all go out and cut down a switch from the tree, but if we want to find the most self-disciplined, creative, intelligent minds in human history... I'll bet their parents spanked them. :-)

Then again, there seems to be good evidence that spanking before two and after six years of age is harmful- this seems like a pretty common sense limit for me.

Regarding the blogosphere, I've actually decided to stop driving myself crazy and have removed certain blogs from my reader. I get modern culture every time I walk out my front door, why am I bringing it home to my blogroll as well?

amybeth said...

me too! I just cleaned up my reader. waste of time and energy, no matter how sweet their photography or how adorable their children.

I think we should all immediately be suspicious of new parenting theories. I don't think human society has evolved. Our great grandparents probably had a heck of a lot more things right than we do, or at least the same amount of right. :-)