Saturday, January 23, 2010


Things most people buy (either pre-made or mixes) that are way better homemade and super easy and of course... cheaper (some of which I've already mentioned, but here are some links to starter recipes):
cream of anything (just add mushrooms, chicken broth, etc.)
sloppy joe's (seriously over the top better than the can or the packet)
taco seasoning
corn bread
pancakes (just pick one out of a million recipes out there)
waffles (same as the above)
cake (same)

Seasonings and sauces in general are MUCH better made at home. The spices are fresher and they won't have things like MSG or a gallon of salt or hydrogenated lard of sealfat blob included.

As for baked stuff/quick bread mixes, If you're using a mix you need... what? Mix, eggs, water, oil. So, four ingredients. If you make it from scratch you need... maybe 6 ingredients... maybe seven? Is it really THAT much more work to measure out baking powder, flour, and sugar? Maybe a touch of vanilla?

And its SO worth it. Everything made with Bisquick... tastes a little bit like Bisquick. Don't get wrong. I'll still enjoy it. If you invite me over and serve me jiffy cornbread, I'll still eat more than an average silverback gorilla. Because I love to eat, and because its not awful, some of its pretty darn good. But I love to cook and I feel like mixes have bred a generation of people who say, "You made it from SCRATCH????!!!" like you just told them you built your car using your bare hands and a pot full of molten metal. Or a working replica of Air Force One out of tooth picks. Or a disposable cup that doesn't get covered with slimy condensation in the summer.

Besides, we don't have to grow the wheat, thresh the wheat, grind the wheat, raise the chickens, collect the eggs, raise the cow, milk the cow, churn the butter, draw the water from a well, travel to South America and barter for the sugar canes... THAT was making from scratch. As in, from nada.

If you say "it's too much work... I won't ever do that." Its not that much more work and besides, most of the things on that list aren't things we should really eat all that often... Betty Crocker makes Devil's Food a little too easy.

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LOL. My sister the silverback gorilla.